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Web Development

Today is a world of cyber reality and for business having a cyber space is imperative, not just to beat the competition but to survive. Thus, in today's world Internet is an influential tool that cannot be ignored in any case because there has never been a venue of this magnitude to reach so many potential customers in the history of mankind.

Having your own web site design can not only help you to sell your products and services but it will drastically alter human behavior when people sell, buy, communicate and retrieve information with so many opportunities on a global platform where more than 500 million people at a time are surfing and number is growing every passing day with unprecedented rate.

Thus, to benefit from one of the most revolutionary events in today's human society you need a web site design. Your web site should be an asset and business tool that works in harmony with your current infrastructure. We provide a leading edge in web site development and promotion services and creating an affordable web site for you is our utmost priority.

We provide web site design, web Site redesign, web site Maintenance, web site promotion and web site Hosting under web development services. Let Mavis show you how to create a web presence that will assist your business model and bottom line..

We at LIMRAS engage ourselves in the following Web Development activities:

  • PHP Development
  • Web Portal Development
  • Job Portal Development
  • Job Portal Development
  • Real Estate Portal Development
  • Content Management System
  • E-Commerce Website Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration